(GASP!) Dem Lawmakers: ‘There Is A Crisis At The Southern Border’

Eric Scheiner | April 22, 2021
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Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) are backing the deployment of Arizona National Guardsman to deal with the immigration crisis. Unlike many Democrats (and many at the Associated Press), they are actually admitting Biden's borders are a crisis.

“There is a crisis at the southern border,” the two lawmakers wrote in a letter to the White House. “From recent conversations with local community leaders, law enforcement, and local Department of Homeland Security officials, it’s clear that their resources, staffing and capabilities are strained.”

Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced he’s sending about 250 Guardsman to the border to deal with the overwhelming surge of illegal aliens coming into the United States. The activation will cost about $25 million.

The senators are asking Biden to pay up and reimburse the state since they are responding to the border situation he created.

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According to the letter:

We know the National Guard can provide important assistance on the border and note that there are approximately 500 Guardsmen already deployed to the Yuma and Tucson sectors. As such, we request you reimburse the state of Arizona for the deployment the Governor announced yesterday to support border security and continue to increase DHS personnel who can further assist with the processing of migrants, securing the border, and executing important security missions.

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