Gas Price Average Officially Tops $5 a Gallon As Biden Dodges Blame

Brittany M. Hughes | June 12, 2022
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Gas prices have officially topped $5 a gallon in the United States, even as President Joe Biden continues to tout a robust economy and claim that most Americans feel financially secure.

The average national gas prices hit $5.004 on Saturday, according to AAA. The latest hike comes after gas prices had already hit a historic high of $4.919 last week, up $0.30 over the week before with a more than $0.62 increase month-over-month.

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Even gas station owners seem fed up with the skyrocketing prices, with one Minnesota station posting a marquee reading, "We hate our gas prices, too" next to their nearly $5 a gallon sales price.

True to form, the liberal media has carried plenty of water for the Biden administration, touting the White House’s repeated lines that high gas prices are being driven by the lingering effects of COVID shutdowns and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Notably, outlets like the tax-funded National Public Radio fail to mention the Biden administration’s all-out war against the U.S. oil industry and American energy independence.

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