Gallup: Congressional Job Approval Spikes Up Since Trump Inauguration

Eric Scheiner | February 7, 2017
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According to a Gallup poll released Tuesday congressional job approval has increased to 28% this month. The highest it’s been since 2009.

Congressional job approval was 19% in January, but has surged to 28% in the largest month-to-month increase since February 2009.

Gallup says, “The current 28% job approval rating is the highest since early fall 2009 and is close to Gallup's historical average (30%). The increase comes after Donald Trump's inauguration as president gave Republicans control of the presidency and both houses of Congress.”

“The substantial increases in congressional job approval both this year and in early 2009 straddled the January 20 inauguration of a newly elected president and the resulting unification of power in Washington under the president's party.”


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