Gallup: America Still Conservative Leaning But Liberalism Closing In

Ferlon Webster Jr. | January 9, 2019
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A recent Gallup poll shows that Americans are still leaning more toward the conservative spectrum than liberal but those on the left have been narrowing the gap over the past two years. 

The poll gathers data from 2018 and shows that 35 percent of Americans are either conservative or moderate, while only 26 percent describe themselves as liberal. 


As Gallup reports, those identifying as liberal have risen from 17 percent in 1992 to 26 percent to date, while conservatives have stayed pretty consistent between 36 and 40 percent from 1993 to 2016. 

According to the poll results, demographics and partisan views play a large part: 

Among all major demographic and political categories of Americans, partisan affiliation is by far the strongest correlate with political ideology. The gap between conservatives and liberals is widest among Republicans, with a 69-point gap in favor of conservatives. This is followed by a 38-point gap in favor of liberals among Democrats.

The following chart breaks down the political ideologies of Americans by subgroup during 2018:


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