Ga. Gubernatorial Candidate Calls Out CNN, Biden: 'CNN's About Controlling Negroes,' 'Joe Biden is a Bigot'

Nick Kangadis | July 2, 2021
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Holy trash-talking, Batman! Tell us how you really feel, sir. A Republican candidate for governor of Georgia confronted a CNN reporter on Thursday and didn’t hide his feelings for the radical-left news outlet.

Gubernatorial candidate and former member of Georgia's House of Representatives Vernon Jones can be seen and heard in multiple videos taking CNN to task for their voting rights coverage, particularly in Georgia, and gave a very specific reason as to why they report the way they do.

“CNN’s about controlling negroes,” Jones said. “That’s what it stands for, controlling negroes. That’s what CNN’s about. They don’t want people of color to have conservative thoughts.”

But CNN wasn’t Jones’ only target. He lumped in President Joe Biden into why CNN doesn’t have someone like Jones on their network.

“You all have never had me on your show before,” Jones continued, “because you know Joe Biden is a bigot, and you don’t want me on there calling Joe Biden a bigot.”

Jones posted the video of himself confronting the CNN reporter, and from another vantage point — that includes Jones’ Biden comments — another Twitter user posted video from another vantage point.

Here are the two separate videos reporting on the same interaction:


Is Jones right? Is CNN a racist organization trying to silence conservative black voices? You be the judge!

H/T: Real Clear Politics

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