GA Federal Court Rules 'Heartbeat' Bill Can Come Into Effect

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | July 20, 2022
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Georgia isn’t just known for its peaches. Now, Georgia can be known for its baby saving tactics. 

On July 20, a federal 11th Circut Court of Appeals indicated that Georgia will be the next state to ban abortions by ruling that a previously blocked law is allowed to stand.

The ban was expected to take effect later this summer but got pushed up. Thank God!

Following the overturn of Roe v. Wade back in June, a three-judge panel agreed that there was no constitutional right to abortion. The Georgia heartbeat law was blocked by U.S. District Judge Steve Jones back in July 2020 but now it will go into effect.

In Georgia, abortion will become illegal at the first sign of a heartbeat. This usually happens around six weeks into a pregnancy.

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The court “also rejected arguments that a 'personhood' provision in the law is unconstitutionally vague. The provision grants personhood to a fetus, giving it the same legal rights as people have after birth,” as NewsMax pointed out. 

The law indicates that a baby can be claimed as a dependent for state income taxes, that moms can file for child support and that babies will be counted toward Georgia’s total population. 

An Atlanta newspaper explained why Georgia’s heartbeat law is unique:

Georgia’s new law is different from other states’ “heartbeat” statutes because it includes so-called personhood provisions, where rights are extended to an embryo once fetal cardiac activity can be detected. Parents would be able to claim a fetus, once a heartbeat is detected, on their state income taxes as a dependent, and the measure would also require state officials to count an unborn child toward Georgia’s population. Mothers can also file for child support once cardiac activity is detected.

The law only allows abortions post the detection of a heartbeat in cases of rape, incest or cases where the child would not be able to survive after birth. A police report is required in those cases as well which will help combat false reports of rape or incest.

But Planned Parenthood's racist, baby killing, money-whored machine promised to continue its bloody work in GA:

The Planned Parenthood Action account called the news “crushing."

Crushing that baby's heads won't be crushed as they're dismembered in the womb.

Georgia Rep. Betsy Holland was "mad as hell" about Georgia's pro-life laws. 

It’s honestly embarrassing that people are throwing tantrums because it's no longer easy to kill babies.  But kudos to Georgia for trucking on with life affirming legislation. 


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