Frisco, Texas Launches New App Tool For People To Report Their Neighbors For Not 'Social Distancing'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 10, 2020
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The city of Frisco, Texas has seen Laredo’s facemask mandate and raised it one neighborhood snitch app.

Frisco announced on Twitter Thursday it had added a component to its “myFrisco” community app so people can rat out their neighbors for not practicing “social distancing” or for carrying out “non-essential business” to help government officials “respond.”

“The City of Frisco recently updated the myFrisco app so users can share concerns about lack of social distancing or non-essential business. Mayor Jeff Cheney says this will help city staffers be able to respond appropriately,” the city of Frisco posted on its official Twitter page.

The app now includes a “service request” where users can report if they see someone not complying with the city’s shutdown mandates and new rules against group gatherings.

“This helps our staff identify instances where we need to remind our residents of our goal for voluntary compliance,” the attached video states. 

“We really need our residents to be our eyes and ears out there to help us see what’s going on,” Cheney said in the video. The mayor claimed they added the new reporting ability to the app because they were getting too many calls from people snitching on their fellow Frisco residents for not social distancing.