Friends Told a Black Trump Supporter Not to Wear a MAGA Hat, So He Bought the Biggest One There Is


Anyone who dares to show support for President Donald Trump is almost bound to endure some type of harsh reaction from their peers, strangers, or even family and friends. 

Those negative reactions seem to double when the Trump supporter is a minority because, for some reason, people (usually liberals) believe minorities should just be sad and depressed all the time because they’re a so-called "victim."

But thankfully, not everyone thinks this way. 

Bryson Gray, a black Trump supporter in Fayetteville, North Carolina had dealt with dismissive remarks thanks to his conservative views from the people closest to him, but he didn’t allow that to bring him down.

“I have a lot of friends who tell me that I shouldn’t support Donald Trump because I’m black,” Gray to CBS 17. “Which is sort of insane because this is politics, I can support whoever the hell I want to support.”

Gray made his support clearly known to all by wearing an oh-so-scary “Make America Great Again” hat. But it wasn’t just any MAGA hat — let’s just say it was a supersized one.

“They told me I shouldn’t wear the MAGA hat so I bought the biggest MAGA hat,” Gray said. “So, it makes it double the importance.”

Gray’s hat was gigantic, and a nice “I do whatever I want” statement to anyone who would try and make him bend to their political ideology. If you’re so inclined to get one, the hat is sold on and goes for a seemingly prophetic $20.20.

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