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Fresno State Professor Calls For Trump to Be Assassinated


An American history professor at California State University in Fresno openly called for the assassination and/or public lynching of President Donald Trump, and says he believes two Republicans should be killed for every illegal alien deported from the United States.

And yes, this actually happened.

According to his Fresno State profile, Lars Maischak is a “Johns Hopkiins University” graduate (we’ll assume he means “Hopkins,” seeing as he’s not a professor of English) who now teaches American history.

And, in his off time, he tweets things like this:

When contacted for comment by the Daily Caller, Fresno State shrugged off Maischak’s comments as simply personal musings that don’t have anything to do with the school.

A spokeswoman for CSU Fresno told The Daily Caller News Foundation Maischak’s comments on social media do not represent the university. “Lars Maischak is employed as a lecturer at Fresno State,” Kathleen Schock told TheDCNF. “Statements made on his personal social media accounts are his alone and are not endorsed by or reflect the position of the University.”

As for Maischak himself, the professor reportedly told the Fresno Bee that he isn't condoning violence in his tweets – despite openly and repeatedly calling for it.

Maischak said Saturday evening that he does not condone violence and has no intention of becoming violent. “From the context of the entirety of my tweets, this should be evident to anyone reading them in good faith (as opposed to malicious intent),” he said in an email.

…“The function of articles like the one produced by Breitbart and affiliates is to whip up a digital lynch-mob of people sending threats and insults to my email and Twitter accounts, with the ultimate goal of silencing dissenters,” he said.

Yeah, that’s right – the guy calling for a sitting United States president to be publicly lynched is now accusing a right-wing news site of stirring up a lynch mob. The irony abounds.

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