Freshman Virginia Democrat Pushes Bill to Ban Many Indoor Gun Ranges and Outlaw Open-Carry in Vehicles

Brittany M. Hughes | January 7, 2020
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Amid a slew of potential new gun control laws being considered in the newly Democrat-controlled state of Virginia, one soon-to-be lawmaker is putting forward a bill targeting indoor gun ranges, open-carry laws and concealed carry permits, all in one fell swoop.

According to Dan Helmer, a Democratic delegate-elect who just unseated a 17-year Republican incumbent for Virginia’s 40th District, said he plans to put forward legislation that would outlaw indoor gun ranges with more than 50 employees to reduce “workplace shootings,” make it illegal for Virginians to open-carry firearms in their cars, and restrict reciprocity agreements for concealed carry permits from other states that don’t “meet Virginia’s standards.”

“The bills, HB567, HB568, and HB569 prohibit indoor shooting ranges in private buildings with large numbers of employees, prohibit open carry of firearms in vehicles, and ensure that concealed carry permit holders from out-of-state have permits that meet Virginia’s standards, respectively,” explained a press release from Helmer's office.

“It’s absurd that a loaded gun can be left unattended in a car’s glove box. No longer will we allow a domestic abuser in another state to carry concealed weapons in Virginia. And it’s dangerous to have gun ranges in offices with many employees in light of recent workplace shootings,” Helmer said.

It's worth noting - or, perhaps, informing Helmer - that the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban, or "Lautenberg Amendment," has already been enacted at the federal level (more than 20 years ago, in fact) and prohibits anyone convicted of domestic violence, or anyone under a restraining order for domestic abuse, from legally owning firearms or ammo.

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