French Pension Protesters Stand Up to Authorities After Violent Attacks, Macron's Police Used Stun Grenades, Batons

Nick Kangadis | April 6, 2023
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Leave it to the French government to play up the usual look down their extended noses at you stereotype in the face of unrest among the people of their country.

If you haven’t been paying attention recently — and how could you with all the “distractions” the American propaganda machine throws at you on a daily basis — people in France have been protesting pension reform, which protesters say only the rich be able to afford, according to the New York Post.

Basically, and this could end up happening in the U.S., is that the establishment sets up the system in the form of 401(K)’s and similar plans like it, people invest a percentage of their paychecks each pay period expecting a return on their investment, and then the government — because of their own incompetence — devalues their own currency through hyper-inflation and then expects you to use more of your money on top of the money you’ve already invested and probably lost to fund your own retirement.

Kinda sounds like a scam, doesn’t it?

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Well, the people of France aren’t having it anymore. But, French President Emmanuel Macron’s heavily concealed and militarized police don’t seem to care what the people’s problems are that the government caused in the first place.

And while protesters at times have been able to move the police line back, the authorities have resorted to violently attacking protesters, with batons and even explosives.

The following videos are all posted on the @RadioGenova Twitter account (These videos are from the past couple of weeks):





It’s sad, really. The world is in chaos, but for the American propagandists masquerading as media, as long as former President Donald Trump has the possibility of going to jail for whatever they’ve thought up of this month, then — unless it’s Ukraine — the world can burn for all they care.

I mean, it’s not like the American government actually cares about American people. And if they’ll do this in France, you can imagine what the U.S. federal government has in store for anyone that steps out of line in this country.


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