French Amusement Park Goes to the Extreme to Entertain

Tyler McNally | July 2, 2015
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A French amusement park brings history back from the dead with life-like scenes from the likes of medieval knights to Roman gladiators.

Puy du Fou is like a large, action filled version of Cirque du Soleil. It opened in 1978, and has steadily grown in attendance ever since.

Their website boasts 1.2 million visitors to their various shows every year.

Puy du Fou hosts over a dozen unique shows, but their major shows cover a wide array of historical events: A Roman gladiator arena, a Viking invasion, a falcon display, a medieval knight showcase, and a 17th Century French theater full of musketeers and swordplay.

French free runner, Alex Yde, uploaded a video detailing the choreography that goes into the Viking show.

The stunts are not the typical stunts that one will usually see at a historical side show. From running on roofs and jumping off of those roofs into bails of hay, these stunt men know how to put on a good show.

H/T Reddit