Freeform’s ‘Grown-ish’ Continues Attacking Conservatives: ‘We Don’t Need Another Candace Owens’

Dawn Slusher | February 10, 2023
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Another week, another woke episode from Freeform’s racist “comedy” "grown-ish." And once again, the liberal culprit is the show’s wokest character Aaron Jackson (Trevor Jackson) who went from student to professor at fictitious Cal U where the show takes place. His target last week was Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This week’s targets are Young Republicans and conservative personality Candace Owens.

On Wednesday’s episode, “Addiction,” student Annika (Justine Skye) is worried she’s “basic” after a conversation with her friends - a better quandary than last week when her “spank bank” was “overdrawn” - so she decides to speak to Professor Jackson about her problem. The writers used this opportunity to have Aaron encourage Annika to, “expand (her) horizons,” and, “get out of (her) comfort zone" - but not too much, apparently.

Because as he shows her various opportunities to accomplish those goals, Aaron sees a sign for a Young Republicans group on campus and warns her, “Let’s not do that,” because, “We don’t need another Candace Owens":


Annika: Hey, Professor Jackson. I was just heading to your office hours. I had a question.

Aaron: Well, I'm happy to see you finally decided to engage in my material. Shoot.

Annika: Do you think I'm basic?

Aaron: Okay. You know this is not what office hours are for, right? Don't you have friends or someone you can talk to about this?

Annika: Who do you think called me basic?

Aaron: Okay, well, look, I can tell you that it doesn't matter what people think, but I know enough to know that doesn't work. Plus, it's a slippery slope to wearing Jesus sandals with socks, telling dad jokes, invading Iraq.

Annika: You know this isn't one of your lectures, right? You don't have to take three hours to get to the point.

Aaron: Okay, one, that hurt my feelings. Two, college is an opportunity for you to expand your horizons, get out of your comfort zone. All I'm saying is, there's a lot of stuff to do here, you know? Look. Young Republicans Club. Let's not do that. We don't need another Candace Owens.

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Actually, the world needs more confident, intellectual, conservative women like Candace. What we don’t need is another woke show shoving a liberal agenda down our throats and calling it entertainment. But that’s exactly what "grown-ish" does every week.

For some reason, the show was renewed for a sixth season, despite ongoing poor ratings. This episode fell to the lowest ever in total viewers for the entire fifth season (13 episodes), is at the bottom of all cable shows for its airdate (Wednesday, February 8), and is down roughly 40% in year-to-year change in both viewers and 18-49 demo.

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