Freedom Convoy Organizer Denied Bail Months After Suspected Cop Killer Released on Bail

Nick Kangadis | February 23, 2022
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Something is rotten in the state of Canada. One has to wonder how those who dispense “justice” north of the border can sleep at night knowing they give preferential treatment to alleged murderers of police over an organizer of a truly peaceful protest.

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich was arrested last Thursday for “counseling to commit mischief” — whatever the heck that is — and was also denied bail just days later by Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois (kind of ironic that would be her name).

Even though Lich told Bourgeois that she would “give up her advocacy of the protest and return to Alberta,” according to ABC News, the judge felt that she would “reoffend” if she was released.

Apparently for Ontario judges, protesting peacefully is an offense. Maybe if the Freedom Convoy protesters burned down a CVS, they'd get better treatment.

Juxtapose that with the case of Umar Zameer.

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Zameer, “the man accused of intentionally running down and killing Toronto police Constable Jeffrey Northup,” was released on bail last September.

Not only did the system allow Zameer the courtesy of being able to live outside the walls of a jail — even though “being under house arrest, being banned from driving, has to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and has to surrender his passport” are part of his bail conditions — but prosecutors in the case fought to keep a “publication ban” in place so people wouldn’t find out why Zameer was released. The suspect’s own defense attorneys argued in favor of loosening the publication ban, however.

It’s really sick that the people in charge of trying to put an alleged murderer behind bars cares more about protecting the suspected criminal that the increased transparency lobbied for by the “alleged” criminals lawyers.

Sorry, but that’s backwards to me.

Those “in charge” in Canada need to take a good, long look in the mirror at why a growing portion of their population simply does NOT trust them to do right by them anymore.

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