Free Speech America Launches In Fight Against Big Tech Censorship

Eric Scheiner | September 17, 2020
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The Media Research Center (MRC) has launched its latest effort to stop the Big Tech censorship of conservatives, the Free Speech America project.

MRC President, Brent Bozell says the project is dedicated to documenting concrete examples of bias and censorship by the social media giants.

“The left knows this is the future of communications. When you have this kind of censorship, you really are threatening the democratic process in this country,” Bozell said in a videoconference launching the project on Thursday.

Free Speech America claims Big Tech bias is built into algorithms and hidden by suspensions and bans that lack transparency. 

“It is baked into content policies and so-called ‘hate speech’ regulations,” the organization’s website says. “Big Tech has denied its biases to the press and even on Capitol Hill under oath. This website is designed to help prove the extent of that censorship and rally supporters to stop it.”

“ is the first initiative for Free Speech America,” says Dan Gainor, VP of MRC TechWatch.

“Even though we're dealing with Big Tech, we've gone back to the basics and are working actively at proving the problem. We've done that by creating an archive of incidents of bias, as well as a resource for people interested in the issue or writing about it.”

CensorTrack features five sections:

1. Tech Company Bias, featuring an analysis of tech companies and the ways they’ve targeted the right.

2. Fact-Checker Spin, which targets some of the many ways 'fact-checkers' restrict content.

3. Censorship by Issue, which touches on the key category issues from bias against the pro-life community, to the use of the catch-all phrase of 'hate speech' that's used on a wide variety of issues.

4. Key Players, which includes politicians, pundits and media figures.

5. Proposed remedies, which include President Trump’s social media executive order to Section 230 proposals.

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