Free Everything! Bernie Sanders Promises 'Free' School Lunches To 'All Children'

John Romero | June 4, 2019
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True to his character, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed another “free, universal” program to further his socialist, utopian dream.

In a tweet Monday, Sanders slammed the idea of "school lunch debt," saying that it shouldn’t exist in America - and that the answer, yet again, is to give everyone something for "free."

Using data from the USDA, the School Nutrition Association says the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) provides school lunches to nearly 30 million students, serving a total of 4.9 billion lunches annually.

With the National Center for Educational Statistics estimating there were 56.6 million students enrolled in elementary and secondary schools in the fall of 2018, Sanders proposal would surely inflate the number of "free" lunches served. In fact, at the current school lunch reimbursement rate of $3.31 per meal and, assuming that most if not all students would take advantage of the “free” lunch, taxpayers would be left with a bill of $178 billion dollars annually.

With a current U.S. debt of $22.3 trillion, those children would eventually find themselves paying back those “free” lunches in addition to adding a hefty interest fee to go along with it.

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