Franklin Graham Under Fire for Closing Accounts with Wells Fargo After Pro-Gay-Adoption Ad


Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham prompted a furious debate via social media after announcing that he will be moving all of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s (BGEA) accounts from Wells Fargo to another bank.

He announced these measures in response to a recent pro-gay adoption ad launched by the banking company that depicts a lesbian couple adopting a deaf child.

Graham wrote on his Facebook page:


Have you ever asked yourself–how can we fight the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big...

Posted by Franklin Graham on Friday, June 5, 2015

Jamie Moldafsky, chief marketing officer for Wells Fargo, told CNN that Wells Fargo is promoting these types of ads to reflect the diversity of their clientele. 

"The notion of all of these ads is really telling stories to create a sense of togetherness," he said.

"Our hope is that in doing this we can talk to our customers more and engage with them about what's important to them."

The liberal media lambast anyone who dares to speak against homosexuality, or any other liberal issue that has to do with sex or gender, but celebrate anyone “brave” enough to give a supplemental voice to what they want to become the “mainstream” American agenda.

For instance, CNN Money wrote a piece in response to Graham’s Facebook post, and while CNN Money did not overtly attack Graham, one negative Facebook comment among thousands of comments in support of the pastor was selected to illustrate their biased point of view. 

The comment CNN Money chose reads,

"It is so hypocritical of him and so many others to pick just the one rule from a plethora of rules that allows them to discriminate against a group of people that they consider less than. They know that they have lost this battle and are on the wrong side of history."

Pastor Graham's post had 95,000 likes, and yet CNN Money couldn’t fish out a single positive comment to show "both sides" of the argument in their article?

They also republished the aforementioned statements from Wells Fargo affirming a supposed “overwhelmingly positive” response to the pro-gay ad.

CNN Money made sure to share the net worth of Graham’s organizations, BGEA and his non-profit Samaritan’s Purse. But that’s purely because they’re CNN Money, right? It has nothing to do with the fact that Graham is a rich, white Christian male… Right?

See the controversial ad below:


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