Fox News: German Gov't Not Disclosing Iranian Attempts to 'Obtain Illicit Nuclear Weapons'

Nick Kangadis | March 22, 2019
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Something everyone might want to keep an eye on is a developing situation involving Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Fox News is reporting that they obtained a German Foreign Ministry letter that they claim states that the German government “has refused to disclose the number of attempts by the Iranian regime to obtain illicit nuclear weapons and rocket technology.”

According to Fox News:

"A statistic in the field of foreign trade is not kept at the [German] customs criminal office," in connection with the Iranian regime's efforts to secure the technology, a German Foreign Ministry letter obtained by Fox News stated.

Niels Annen, a minister of state in the ministry, who celebrated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolution in February at Tehran’s Berlin embassy, wrote the March 18 letter.

The German Left Party had sent a parliamentary query in late February to the federal government, asking for the number of cases, investigations, and the nature of the results covering Iran’s violations of sanctions conducted by Germany's customs criminal office between 2015 and 2018.

The celebration mentioned above pertains to the this year’s 40th anniversary observance of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which has seen the country’s once rich culture stifled in the years since.

Something very telling about this whole ordeal is the assertion that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government “is deeply wedded to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.” The German/Iranian partnership, at least from the German standpoint, is all about money.

Former Pentagon official and American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael Rubin wrote the following for The Washington Examiner earlier in March:

What explains Germany’s enthusiasm for ties to one of the world’s most murderous regimes? While German politicians were embarrassed by [Jerusalem Post journalist Benjamin] Weinthal’s reporting, and tried to block him from gaining publicly available information, Germany has long been at the forefront of efforts to embrace Iran regardless of regime behavior. The answer is simple: For German authorities across from the political spectrum, human rights is only a tool with which to dress its foreign policy rhetoric. The German public may care about human rights, but few German elites, from the political right or from the political left, do. For German authorities, the primary goal is commercial benefit. The execution of gays, slaughter of Jews, repression of other minorities, and terrorism are inconveniences to ignore.

As said before, just something people might want to keep an eye on.