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Four Attacks on Religious Freedom

Four Attacks on Religious Freedom

1. Jack Phillips and the CCRC

The famous Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) case was a hard defeat for liberals and LGBTQ supporters. In this case, a gay couple wanted Christian baker Jack Phillips to create their wedding cake, and became outraged when he refused. The CCRC became involved and sue Phillips, because how dare he have a right to his personal beliefs if it prevented him from supporting theirs, right? Wrong. The case made it to the Supreme Court which ruled in Phillips’ favor 7-2. The court decided that CCRC " ‘violated the the Free Exercise Clause’ by requiring Jack Phillips to go against his religious beliefs about gay marriage and make a customized wedding cake for a gay couple.”

Four Attacks on Religious Freedom

It seems that liberals have never heard of the First Amendment. Or if they have, they’ve decided that it’s unimportant. In the name of fighting discrimination, leftists constantly discriminate against people's religious beliefs, especially if they’re Christian. While there have been countless cases of religious liberties being trampled in the dust, here are just four recaps to give you a taste of the liberals’ religious liberty distaste.   



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