Founder of 'Black Guns Matter' Looks to Convert Urban Communities to Conservatism

Ferlon Webster Jr. | March 4, 2019
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It’s probably not a surprise to anyone that black Americans — along with other minorities — predominantly vote Democrat and have been brainwashed by liberals to think that conservatives are racist jerks who hate anyone with extra melanin in their skin.

Now, this obviously is not true, but a lot of people haven’t come to that realization. 

In a conversation with NRA board member Willis Lee, Maj Toure, the founder of the group Black Guns Matter, spoke on these issues at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week. addressing the seriousness of making urban communities aware of their rights under the Second Amendment and the left’s stranglehold on urban minds. 

“We have to put more conservative principles in urban America,” Toure said. “So what our organization does is we go to where there’s high violence, high crime, high gun control, high ‘slave mentalities’ to be perfectly honest and inform urban America about their human right—as stated in second amendment—to defend their life.”

The Black Guns Matter founder added that urban America had been left out of these conversations and sought to help the CPAC audience understand how they can recover from their lack of reaching out to the urban community.

“The conservative room has honestly not done enough for urban America,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that’s where we stay, that means we have to create liaisons. We have to do more in that regard in putting more boots on the ground, if not, we can and will lose.”

Lee went on to ask Toure what urban Americans need from conservatives, and what conservatives need from urban America as well.

“What conservatives need from urban America is support,” Toure responded. “Meaning, urban America is conservative, they may lack the language to say, ‘Hey, I lock my door at night.’ That’s a conservative principle. ‘I don’t want more and more government taking more and more of my money.’ That’s conservative.”

Toure explained that these urban communities are unwittingly living a conservative lifestyle and showed how the liberal movement has done a great job convincing minorities that the “conservative room is a Klan rally.” 

“They don’t trust you,” Toure told the crowd. “People, urban America, right now, under a falsehood does not trust you. What liaisons have you linked with that are already doing the work in urban America, to highlight and spread our ideals of freedom?”

Toure’s group is out there practicing what he preaches by going into urban communities explaining conservative principles. He admitted that many in the community believe no one is there to support them, but he has seen results from going out into these neighborhoods.

“The success is when you have a 70-year-old woman, that’s never touched a firearm in her life before, saying, ‘I now want to have the means to defend my life, not because the left told me that Donald Trump is the evil dude coming to get my life, but because she understands that she’s in the South Side of Chicago, and no one’s coming to help you. We have to be responsible for our own liberties, defense, and our own freedoms,” he said. 

If the CPAC audience couldn’t remember anything else, the conservative guns rights activist had a simple message for them.

“Support, support, support, education and political education,” he said. “Respect liberty.”

So I’ll say this, if you haven’t noticed from my picture, I’m a black man. Growing up in Detroit, I knew most black people voted Democrat, and in my mind any black person who didn’t was weird (or some type of traitor) and any white person who was a conservative was a “racist.” That’s the way my mind worked.

It wasn’t until later in life I realized my thinking was incorrect. Toure was absolutely correct in what he said. If conservatives want to reach urban America, they have to go out and reverse all the falsehoods the left has put out there about them. If conservatives fail to do that, the same lies the media spreads about them on a daily basis will continue to be the narrative.

I’m glad to see Toure (and others) are making efforts to reverse this ideology. 


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