Formerly Pro Lockdown, Pro Mandate, Ex-Planned Parenthood Head Now Admits Masking Harmed Her Child

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 29, 2022
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In a stunning and sad display of the childlike, blindly bullying attitude at the heart of most hubristic political tyrants, darling-of-the-left doctor Leana Wen has admitted that “masking” has harmed her toddler’s mental development – and yet, she does not release her steadfast grip on the authoritarian mindset and government-funded superstructure that facilitated those impositions and the tax-fed policing of what some might call disastrous ritualistic abuse.

In an August 23 column for the Washington Post, the left-coddled CNN “Medical Analyst” and former Planned Parenthood president admitted:

“Masking has harmed our son’s language development, and limiting both kids’ extracurriculars and social interactions would negatively affect their childhood and hinder my and my husband’s ability to work.”

It’s impossible to avoid the final point, there: her post-modern focus on both parents working, while handing their kids to others – despite her advocacy for jab mandates and lockdowns that prevented millions of other Americans from doing their own jobs and providing for their own families.

Indeed, for the memory-lacking Wen-fans at the Post and CNN, let’s recall that in September of 2021, Wen openly stated that the “unvaccinated” should not be “allowed” to leave their homes.

As Robby Soave reported for Reason:

"You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want," said the doctor. "But then you can't go out in public."

Which, of course, was classic Hegelian dialecticism: forcing someone to choose what you, in power, decide will be the so-called “options”, meaning they aren’t options, they are impositions.

Because, of course, behind the “you can’t go out in public” phrase, one can ask, “says who?” And the answer is, obviously, the government.

Government is the basis for all of her “policy” positions, and the assumption that political force is okay never leaves the equation, regardless of the policy.

In March of 2021, Wen advocated for the CDC to adjust its travel guidelines (you know how both the CDC and “travel guidelines” are right there, in the Constitution) to allow for “fully vaccinated” people to travel. Incorrectly claiming that the jabs were “extremely effective” at preventing the spread of the SARS COV-2 virus (something about which she and many other jab-promoters have been proven wrong to a monumental level). To CNN’s fawning Brooke Baldwin, she claimed:

“If you’re sitting on a plane, you’re not necessarily sitting next to people with COVID-19. You’re wearing a mask. Ideally, you’re keeping distanced so it just doesn’t make sense that you can’t travel, especially if you now can get together with loved ones.”

So, her position on accepting an mRNA jab as a condition to being able to see “loved ones” remained firm, and she coupled that with a need to mask – which, for most of us, belied the claim that the jabs were effective, since, as logic dictates, if they were effective at preventing transmission, jabbed people wouldn’t need to wear any masks.

Wen struck a similar theme writing for the WaPo in May of 2021, advocating for workplaces to reopen as long as employees had gotten the mythically “effective” jabs and, yeah, you got it, the employers had mask mandates in place.

And, as recently as January, 2022, Wen wrote a WaPo piece advocating for schools to reopen, as long as they had “protection policies” – like mask requirements for kids – in place.

Sorely lacking from her multiple media appearances and paid WaPo and CNN performances has been any recognition of the practical reality that -- even with what likely are artificially inflated numbers heightened by government subsidies for medical facilities that labeled deaths as “due to COVID19” when many likely were not due to the virus – not only was the survivability rate for COVID19 near 97 percent for all cohorts, averaged together, children stood a near ZERO chance of becoming seriously ill or dying if they caught the virus.

And now… now, as Wen scans the socio-political landscape ahead, and she marches on, undaunted, leaving the detritus of ruined lives and livelihoods behind, she tells readers that she and her husband will not send their kids to a school environment where the young ones are masked.

She now recognizes what was obvious from the start: the virus could not be stopped by the tax-funded tyranny of government lockdowns, mask mandates, and Big Pharma enriching jabs. She sees what many had warned: that masking kids is not only useless, but harmful – on multiple physical and mental levels – to the kids. And she has stumbled onto a revelation that the many signers of the Great Barrington Declaration stated in the FALL of 2020: the virus would best be managed and brought to endemic status by NOT locking down and not imposing government diktats like mask mandates.

As the American Institute for Economic Research – where the declaration was signed -- stated at the time:

“Instead of observing measures designed to slow the spread of the virus, the young and healthy should resume normal activity in order to incur herd immunity and thereby protect those vulnerable to severe illness. The authors urge the adoption of this strategy, which they call ‘Focused Protection,’ in light of increasing evidence that ‘current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. . . Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.’” 

And now, Wen appears to grudgingly change her tune, saying in her recent WaPo piece:

“We see other families indoors, without masks or testing, and have resumed traveling and attending events. Our son, who turns 5 this week, started indoor soccer and indoor playdates. Our pandemic baby, now 2, went to day camp this summer. Both kids are starting school next week. Now that they are fully vaccinated, we do not plan to limit their activities, and — like most parents in their school — will not be masking them in the classroom.”

Yet, even as she claims the kids are fully “vaccinated,” she admits that the “vaccine” actually does not stop viral infection.

“I accept the risk that my kids will probably contract covid-19 this school year, just as they could contract the flu, respiratory syncytial virus and other contagious diseases. As for most Americans, covid in our family will almost certainly be mild…”

Which always was the case. And some of us have been saying precisely that, from the start.

To add insult to injury, Billy Binion notes for Reason that Wen has Tweeted the same sentiment about the light KIND-OF dawning for this officious busybody, as, in March, she observed:

“…everything has risk, and zero covid is not a viable strategy…”

Too bad she didn’t pay attention to the thousands who signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

For nearly two years, this woman overtly advocated for authoritarian lockdowns, jab mandates, and government-imposed travel restrictions that would separate loved ones, and, by association, tacitly advocated for all the government coercion necessary to fund the policing of those impositions, not to mention the jabs, themselves.

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And her sudden conversion is not about the foundational immorality of mandates, no. For Wen, the idea that the government can impose these mandates, these diktats, is unquestioned. It’s merely a matter of whether she thinks the diktats will effectuate the outcome SHE sees as desirable.

For her, it’s “policy”, and the tyranny of assuming the state can, at any time, impose whatever policy its functionaries and politicians and cronies desire to achieve their desired effect? That’s not in question.

So, let’s get something straight. Even if a rights-crushing government command could stop all disease, could make 100 percent of all age groups safe from a virus, the agents of the state have no right to impose such diktats, to block voluntary association, free trade, travel to and from private homes, or any other voluntarily-agreed-to interpersonal contact.

Wen now wants to choose for her kids, after her advocacy for tyranny has harmed not only her own kids, but millions of others.

And she still doesn’t grasp the fact that what she sees as government “policy” – whether one looks at the tax funds taken to pay the policy makers or at the mandates resultant of those “policies” – are IMPOSED on people, regardless of their own free will.

That’s called tyranny, and THAT must be mitigated in America.

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