Former VT Soccer Player Wins Big Bucks In First Amendment Case

John Simmons | January 9, 2023
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Former Virginia Tech women’s soccer player Kiersten Hening has won a $100,000 settlement after suing her former coach, Charles Adair, for harassing her for not kneeling for the national anthem.

In 2020, the Hokies’ women’s soccer team decided to kneel for the national anthem, which served as the team’s “unity statement” and as a way to protest against racism. Hening decided not to kneel, which displeased Adair and prompted the coach to bench her and verbally abuse her, according to the original lawsuit.

Hening’s playing time decreased so significantly after this incident that she eventually decided to quit and not take the poor treatment anymore. A trial was initially slated to take place this month, but Adair settled by paying Hening the $100,000.

Adair took to Twitter to congratulate himself for how he behaved during the situation.

“I am pleased the case against me has been closed, and I am free to move forward clear of any wrongdoing,” Adair said.

Funny, because people that pay their opponents in lawsuits are usually the ones that did something wrong. Hening’s lawyer, Adam Mortara, caught this irony as well and gave Adair a piece of his mind.

Hening’s case serves as a win for those who care about free speech and a reminder that progressives are not the only ones who have access to First Amendment rights.

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