Former Tour Pro Calls Out Trans Golfer for Competing Against Real Women

John Simmons | March 23, 2023
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Hailey Davidson is a biological male that is competing in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). After Davidson lost an event on Wednesday, a former PGA golfer called out the absurdity of Davidson’s presence in the event.

John Peterson responded to a graphic that showed Davidson finish second behind Bella Dohvey in a mini-tour in Florida. Dohvey is only 15 years old, doesn’t have her license, and Davidson still lost despite unfairly tipping the odds in his favor. 

Safe to say Peterson was pleased by the outcome.

Naturally, Davidson didn’t like Peterson’s comments and started a long thread inn which Davidson called Peterson a bad role model for his children and washed up golfer (despite the fact that Peterson had a long professional career and won a college national championship at LSU). 

Here’s screenshots of the exchange in which both went toe-to-toe with each other.

The beginningThe middleThe end

Now say what you will about whether or not Peterson was right to engage in the dialogue in the first place or if he did in the right way. But his comment about being upset about the potential difficulties his daughter could face in the future is spot on.

Men who can’t adequately compete against other men -- such as Lia Thomas or Tiffany Thomas -- should not be permitted to compete against biological women. If they do, biological men will always defeat the majority of women they compete against, even if they don't finish first in any event (like Davidson did). It is perhaps the most disheartening element of the transgender movement, and one that Peterson was right to voice his displeasure with.

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