Former Player Sues NFL: Galette Says He Was Blackballed Just Like Kaepernick

Jay Maxson | August 25, 2022
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Race baiter and Kaepernick wannabe Junior Galette is suing the NFL for a whopping $300 million. Claiming to be the victim of racism, he refused to accept the only offer he received because the $660,000 figure represents “slave labor.” 

A veteran of eight tumultuous NFL seasons, Galette filed his lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, according to Pro Football Talk. His lawsuit is targeting the NFL, the NFL Players Association, Commissioner Roger Goodell, the Seahawks, Rams, Raiders, Browns, Chiefs, Panthers and Commanders (nee Red Skins).  

Galette’s suit states he has been blackballed “just like Colin Kaepernick and put on the blacklist BY THE NFL OWNERS” for speaking out about alleged racial discrimination committed against him by the Washington Commanders (nee Red Skins).  

In his Twitter profile bio, Galette identified himself as a “Former Saints Team Captain that is Blackballed from the NFL for calling out Pay Discrimination Community Revolution In Progress.” 

This nut job alleges defensive end Trent Murphy, a white guy, got a better contract offer (Murphy signed with Buffalo for $22.5 million) than he did and he swore “to god I’m not playing for no slave deals I’ll die before I play for more slave deals.” 

The Raiders praised the free agent Galette for his talent, but said they only had the veteran’s minimum of $660,000 for him. The Rams brought him in, but then changed their minds and took him back to the airport. 

NBC Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio said the league “will argue that the claims should exclusively be resolved by the available devices under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. That’s the approach Kaepernick used.” 

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The NFL suspended Galette for two games in 2015 because he was involved in a domestic violence incident. Two years later, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and failure to comply

In 2015, Galette was the subject of a report by the The Times Picayune saying he caused serious issues in the New Orleans Saints locker room and had a fistfight with teammate Brandon Deaderick. Galette also accused head coach Sean Payton of being a drug abuser and drunk before the team released this headache.

And nobody wants this guy anymore? Wow. How strange is that? With all this baggage going for him, who wouldn't want this nightmare on their team? Who wouldn't invest millions in him?

The Kaepernick wannabe and race baiter is representing himself against the might of the National Football League and all those teams he is suing. If a judge actually allows this case to proceed. Good luck with that, Colin “Junior”!