Former Obama Security Advisor Susan Rice Claims Riots Are 'Russian Playbook' – Seriously

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 3, 2020
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Former Obama Administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice appears to be obsessed.

She can’t stop pushing the bogus and debunked “Russia Collusion” narrative. In fact, her problem has become so pathological, she’s now implying that rampant rioting and looting in numerous U.S. cities (most of which have been run by leftist Democrats for decades) is part of the “Russian Playbook.”

This is not a parody.


Rice recently hopped on CNN to tell fiction fan Wolf Blitzer that peaceful protests were being highjacked or suborned by violent extremists -- which often is painfully evident.

But it was the source of the extremism that required her infinitely brilliant take.

The source, of course, might be RUSSIA!!!!!

(Cue dramatic music.)

I’m not reading the intelligence today or, uh, these days, but, based on my experience, this is right out of the Russian playbook as well…

Many folks have wondered if the James Bond producers would make the grievous error of changing the character to a female. So far, that hasn’t happened.

And perhaps that’s because the world already has a “Spy Mistress” in the form of Agent Rice, Susan Rice, whose eternal faith in the Russian hobgoblin has been shaken, but not stirred, even as it's been proven utterly preposterous and a distraction from the content of leaked Hillary Clinton e-mails. Yes, Susan, some of us remember that the leak exposed not only her perfidy about her e-mails themselves, but exposed a lot of nasty content to anyone willing to read them at Wikileaks.

Have no fear, Americans. The source of the rioting and looting in major cities is not lawless thugs intent on replacing a White House Administration they don’t like with one that will shower already leftist-broken-down cities with more tax cash. It’s not young hoodlums breaking store shops and burning businesses that, if they had any sense, they might see could offer them jobs and already offer them goods and services in peace.

No. It’s Vlad, the 21st Century Impaler and his Russian Bots.

We can’t allow the extremist, the foreign actors, to distract from the real problems we have in this country that are long-standing, centuries old, and need to be addressed responsibly by new leadership.

Given that she believes in the false notion that Russians are behind this violent outbreak, can one really take her seriously on her idea that the problems she wants addressed ARE centuries old or, if they are, that they can be addressed by more big government, after all the failures it has shown in its attempts to take money from some in order to lift others out of poverty?

Evidently, Wolf thinks so, because he actually replied with this whopper of feckless credulity.

You’re absolutely right about the foreign interference.

Oh, man.

Bookstores and movie theatres may be closed due to dumb COWABUNGA19 crackdowns, but Wolf has found a rich source of fantasy in Ms. Rice.

It’s a shame that many of those bookstores and theatres where her political fiction might be sold instead of being broadcast on CNN may never reopen.

Because they’ve been destroyed by rioters.

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