Former NBA Player Says Austin Reeves Is Receiving Hype Because He's White

John Simmons | March 28, 2023
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Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reeves has been one of the few bright spots for his team this season. He has been shredding opposing d’s and providing a much-needed energy boost while Anthony Davis and LeBron James continue to be subpar in leadership and play.

Reeves has had a solid season overall, but his stats in the month of March have been especially eye-popping:

His play has made him a fan favorite, earning him “MVP” chants from the Lakers faithful and the full-fledged support of his teammates such as DeAngelo Russell:

Additionally, Lakers leadership has contemplated giving Reeves a contract extension that could last for four years and be worth up to $50 million. However, one former NBA player thinks the Reeves hype is unwarranted and that it only exists because he’s white.

Rashad McCants, a former first-round pick in 2005 that turned out to be a bust, said the following in an appearance on the “Gil’s Arena” show:

“I ain’t apologizing I was cussing y’all out last night. ‘What? Stop it! Austin (Reaves) what? $50 million?’ At four (years) for $25 (million), he’s stealing. I’m like Austin Reaves … ? Nah! Franciso Garcia got that sh*t. Y’all giving ($50 million) to him ’cause one he’s white and one he playing with the (Los Angeles) Lakers and they trash. So it’s like, if the Lakers ain’t trash, he ain’t playin’.”

Once again, a white man can’t enjoy success in sports without someone blaming racism.

Reeves is enjoying success because he has been playing well. What his financial reward for his play will be is unknown, but it is not indicative that the Lakers, NBA fans, or the NBA itself are peddling racism by recognizing his hard work.

It’s funny how the people who claim they want to end racism in America do a great job of keeping it alive.

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