Former Miss America Launches Bid For US House Over Abortion

Michael Ippolito | August 11, 2022
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You definitely don’t have to be smart to win beauty pageants. Nor, it seems, is morality a necessary attribute.

According to AP News, former Miss America Cara Mund is now running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives over abortion. 

Mund announced her candidacy on August 7 in her conservative North Dakota home state. So what’s her reasoning for wanting to become a lawmaker? The lefty freakout over the loss of the “right” to kill babies.  

The SCOTUS Dobbs verdict overturning Roe v Wade was “just a moment where I knew we need more women in office,” Mund said. (What she means is, more women who are abortion zealots.)

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Mund is furious that women must cross state lines to murder babies. The decision to return the abortion issue to state legislatures and “make women have to travel across state lines is going to impact women, and women of lower social economic status,” Mund stated. Sure these policies will impact women, but how will these policies impact those unborn babies?

Given this take, you’d expect Mund to run as a Democrat, but she's instead running as an Independent, saying, “It’s not fair to make Americans have to pick one side or the other."

Not that anybody’s fooled. GOP nominee Rep. Kelly Armstrong saw through her veil.

“If she’s pro-choice, then she’s running to the left of me on that issue,” he said. “Seems like people pretty high up in Democratic politics are excited about it. It doesn’t change anything we are doing.”

If Mund is looking to find common ground in a state full of Evangelicals and Catholics, she may have made a huge political miscalculation. 

This is not the first time Mund’s floated around in American politics. She’s openly supported the left’s insane climate agenda and criticized President Trump in 2017 for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords. But, the ironic twist comes later in the article. Mund said if she wins or loses, she will stay in North Dakota to raise a family. So she’s allowed to raise a family, and at the same time, women should be allowed to destroy families with infanticide. 

Spoken like a beauty queen.