Former Gitmo Detainee Arrested as Top ISIS Recruiter

Nick Kangadis | August 23, 2016
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Whether or not President Obama wants to publicly admit that he is harming the security of the United States, the proof is in the pudding.

Fox News reported last Saturday that a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner released by Obama was arrested recently after being identified as a top recruiter for ISIS.

According to Fox News:

Abu Nassim was arrested in Libya just days after the State Department claimed that very few Gitmo detainees ever return to terror.

Nassim, whose full name is Moez Ben Abdulgader Ben Ahmed Al Fezzani, was reportedly trying to travel to Tunisia, where he is an ISIS commander and most-wanted terrorist.

He was arrested along with approximately 20 other ISIS supporters between the Libyan towns of Rigdaleen and Al-Jmail.

Nassim is considered a top jihadist recruiter in Italy.

This news came at the same time Obama released 15 more high-risk prisoners from Gitmo.

Either Obama releases all of these high-risk prisoners early because of a 2008 campaign promise he made to close down Gitmo, or he legitimately does not know the first thing about national security.

If I did my job of writing nearly as bad as the president does his job of keeping America safe, not only would I not have a job but they could charge me with criminal negligence.