Former ESPN Reporter Charly Arnolt Blasts Network's Woke Propaganda

Sarah Prentice | May 25, 2023
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In a refreshing change of pace, former ESPN reporter Charly Arnolt is speaking out against her former employer for promoting woke ideology in American sports. 

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Arnolt explained she felt she could not be herself for five years while working for ESPN, and that she could not express her honest opinion. She has since left ESPN for sports media network Outkick, which has given her the ability to speak out more against the liberal bias plaguing the American sports entertainment industry.

Now freed up to speak the truth, Arnolt has had quite a lot to say about controversial figures NCAA transgender swimmer Lia Thomas and WNBA player Britney Griner, as well as retired professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe. 

In an interview on Fox News’ Varney & Co, Arnolt claimed ESPN was hypocritical when they told their employees they wished to remain politically neutral, yet promoted biological male swimmer, Lia Thomas, during Women’s Month. 

"And as a woman, quite frankly, a huge slap in the face that during Women's Month, when there are so many incredible female athletes to be celebrated, they turn to the most controversial figure in sports right now, Lia Thomas — a man — to be celebrated,” Arnolt said.

Arnolt also blasted Britney Griner’s opinion on transgenders in women’s sports after the WMBA basketball star said taking transgenders out of women’s sports is a “crime” and a “threat.” 

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Arnolt also told the Daily Mail she believes Griner has been vocal on this issue because it has been a priority of the Biden administration - and they are after all, the ones who made the deal with Russia back in December to exchange her for Russian arms dealer, 'The Merchant of Death' Victor Bout. 

“I also think that just calling it a crime is taking it one step further, and that’s the scary part, is now it’s not just saying, ‘Oh, this is wrong,’ we’re criminalizing,” Arnolt also explained. “It’s very much the Left’s disposition to take dissenting viewpoints and criminalize them.”

Arnolt also took on soccer player Megan Rapinoe, who's expressed support for biological males competing against women following the proposed alterations to Title IX that would protect women’s sports.

“Suddenly she's turning around after she retires from playing for the national team and says, ‘Yeah, I totally believe that males should be able to play with women,’” said Arnolt. 

Arnolt told the Daily Mail she doesn't know Rapinoe’s exact motive, but that it is most likely beholden to some higher entity, much like Griner’s.

It is unfortunate that Arnolt has not had the opportunity to speak out against these issues sooner, but that just goes to show how woke ideology is leaking into every sector of American life, including sports. Even worse, employees do not have the ability to express their conservative viewpoints without fear of harsh judgment and retaliation from their far left higher-ups. It is a shame to see radical left ideology ruining such an important part of American culture.

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