Former Dem Rep. Sent Back To Prison For Election Fraud

Eric Scheiner | September 28, 2022
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Former Democrat U.S. Congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers is headed to jail for 2 and ½ years after admitting to election fraud. It’ll be his second stint in the slammer.

In a story that curiously avoids mentioning his party affiliation, WHYY reports:

Michael “Ozzie” Myers has admitted to paying the judge of elections in two polling places to add additional votes to the end-of-day tally between 2014 and 2018. He entered a guilty plea to the charges in June.

Assistant US Attorney Eric Gibson said Myers’ bribes resulted in extra votes being “rung up” on the voting machines by signing in people who didn’t show up to vote. In one case, he had votes added to the tally without any corresponding paperwork.

The fraudulent votes happened in the 39th ward, 36th division of South Philadelphia.

Gibson explained, “What the judge of elections for the 39/36 would do during the scheme was – while the polling place was otherwise not busy –  step into the machine and just add to the vote totals for specific candidates that were favored and supported by Myers.”

“On Myers’ instructions, he would just flip the switch, add the vote tallies or extra votes to the candidates on the little machine. So then when the machine spits out the results at the end of the evening, it would have those fraudulent votes recorded within the tally.”

That was just the scheme executed at one polling place under Myers, at another, votes were cast in the names of individuals who didn’t show up to vote. 

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In 1980, Myers was among officials convicted in the FBI’s Abscam sting. The Democrat was sentenced to three years in prison for accepting a $50,000 bribe. The U.S. House voted to expel him, ending his congressional career.

Video from Myers’ indictment on the charges in 2020 can be seen below.

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