Former Dem Congressman Pleads Guilty to Ballot Stuffing in Philadelphia

Brittany M. Hughes | June 8, 2022
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A former congressmen pled guilty this week in Philadelphia to stuffing ballot boxes in local elections between 2014 and 2018.

Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Michael J. “Ozzie” Myers, who was booted from Congress in 1980 and jailed for a year on bribery and corruption charges, admitted in court that he had paid an elections judge to add votes to certain candidates, and that he had bribed another election judge to cast fraudulent votes for registered voters who didn’t show up at the polls.

According to prosecutors, Myers’ “criminal efforts were generally, although not exclusively, directed at securing election victories for local judicial candidates running for Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas or Municipal Court who had employed Myers as a ‘political consultant.’”

Myers reportedly bribed the judges to the tune of hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

But remember, y'all - election fraud and ballot stuffing are nothing to be concerned about. There's no reason to require photo IDs, or outlaw ballot harvesting, or to ban people from electioneering outside polling places.

Everything's totally fine.

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