Former Chair of Maryland Democratic Party Admits Voter ID Laws Are Not Racist

Abby Streetman | July 20, 2021
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Oops! A Maryland Democrat just inadvertently told a truth about voting security laws. 

The left's favorite argument against voter ID laws is that it's somehow racist to ask someone for identification before voting.

In Texas two bills have been introduced during this legislative session that would strengthen voter integrity laws and provide for more secure elections. House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 1 would require registered voters to vote in the county of which they are registered as well as prevent ballot harvesting. 

A majority of the American population support these strengthened policies, but leftists are not on the side of Americans. They know voter fraud is good for them because they’re the party of illegal immigration. 

Dan Bongino had the former Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party, Maya Cummings, on his Fox News show this past weekend to question why the Democrats believe that voter IDs are racist. He asked “why can't black American’s figure out how to get a driver's license or figure out the last four digits of their social?”  

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After refusing to answer the question Cummings finally admits that “black voters just like white voters across the United States get drivers licenses.”

Here's the footage: 

She realized quickly that she just proved the point for Bongino and tried to backtrack, saying that “black voters” don’t drive as “often as white voters.” 

According to data from the American National Elections Study, 87% of Black Americans who are eligible to vote have a government-issued ID. 

In Texas you are also allowed to use a birth certificate, utility bill, paycheck, passport, social security number and a few other forms of identification in order to vote. A majority of states have similar laws as well.    

No wonder Cummings lost the race for Governor of Maryland. 

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