Former Blackface-Enthusiast Dan Aykroyd WANTS Cancel Culture to Happen

Gabriel Hays | November 4, 2021

Dan, you ignorant slut! Cancel culture should not and cannot be reasoned with.

SNL alum and legendary comic actor Dan Aykroyd is throwing his full support behind the cultural movement that is killing the industry that made him. Yep, the comedian thinks cancel culture is a good thing.

Ah, so now that he has made his bread and butter on jokes, he can retire and let the mob ruin this generation of comedy. We see.

Aykroyd signaled his support for cancelling “hurtful” jokes in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and while we understand that Aykroyd wants to be a good man and wants the world to be a happy place, his reasoning is foolish.

“There is enough range in humor where you don’t have to go scatological and you don’t have to go pulling any divisive cards to get a laugh,” he explained. Ok that’s fine. Many comedians make cheap shots or say things that are gross, but then again, that’s their prerogative. One man’s “too far” is another man’s “not far enough.” 

But the problem is Aykroyd believes that jokes on this subjective spectrum can be forced out of society. “But there is more intelligent writing that can happen if you stay away from the offensive material that should be rightly canceled for its hurtfulness. Who can be the subject of an impression today? That’s an area of discussion,” he mentioned.

But again, Mr. Aykroyd, who is the arbiter of what’s hurtful? A twitter mob that increasingly becomes offended at the common attitudes of normal Americans? That’s what cancel culture is in its current form.

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Aykroyd continued being a useful idiot on behalf of the radical left’s most effective tool of oppression. “Can I do my James Brown imitation?” he asked. “He was one of my best friends. I do his voice pretty good. But maybe I shouldn’t anymore.”

Why not? Sure, there will be cries from the mob that you’re a racist, but is that necessarily true? We presume you’ll continue doing impressions of other people. If so, it basically is your capitulation to the mob that only straight, white and male people can be made fun of. Perhaps that makes you the racist.

Though it seems as though Aykroyd is all about conforming to the whims of cancel culture to be spared the pain of its reign of terror. 

After all, this current unhinged mob would definitely deem Aykroyd worthy of the figurative guillotine for his past jokes, to include his famous utterance “Jane, you ignorant slut!” and all the other lines from that legendary corresponding skit. Kind of sexist, isn’t it, Dan? 

Or what about when Aykroyd – as BoundingIntoComics pointed out – “wore blackface in the timeless comedy Trading Places, starring alongside Eddie Murphy”? There needs to be serious expiation for those kinds of crimes.

So either Aykroyd should advocate for his own removal from society posthaste, or do whatever any sensible person – like comedian Dave Chapelle – would do: encourage people to take a freakin’ joke.