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Former ACLU Vice President: ACLU Once Stood Up to the Mob, But Has Now BECOME the Mob


In a Thursday night interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, former ACLU Vice President Michael Meyers condemned his former organization's recent swerve to biased radicalism, saying that the civil rights advocacy group "has become the mob."

“I was proudest of the ACLU when the ACLU resisted fascism, when they stood up to the mob. Now they have become the mob. It has become what they are not supposed to be. You are supposed to stand up to the mob, you are supposed to stand for freedom and individual liberty, supposed to stand for the presumption of innocence and it doesn’t make assumptions,” Meyers said.

Earlier this week, the ACLU launched a million dollar ad campaign likening the sexual assault allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the much more substantiated accusations against Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton. The videos specifically targeted a few GOP senators whose votes may decide whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed. 

“The the ACLU is hijacked by the lunatic Left," Meyers continued. "They don’t believe in process. They don’t believe in due process. They don’t believe in free speech anymore. They don’t believe in anything other than the resistance. As opposed to resisting fascism, they have been part of the resistance movement.”

The ACLU has faced similar critiques from a variety of sources for betraying its once stalwart stances on the defense of free expression. In an op-ed by former ACLU board members, Wendy Kaminer and Alan Dershowitz accused the ACLU of extreme bias, stating:

"The ACLU was once a nonpartisan organization focused on liberty and equality before the law. In recent years it has chosen its battles with an increasingly left-wing sensibility,” they wrote. “In doing so, it has become considerably more equivocal and sometimes even hostile toward core civil liberties concerns of free speech and due process.”

There's an old adage that the person who has the most power in a relationship is the person most willing to leave. It's a grim state of affairs when the people with the most power to sway American culture seem to be those most quick to rally a mob for being offended. 

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