Fmr. Navy SEAL Who Wrote 'The Terminal List' Mocks Leftist Rags for Unwarranted Political Criticisms

Nick Kangadis | July 11, 2022
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You can talk the talk when your work walks the walk.

Author Jack Carr has no problem making fun of lefty “news” outlets, because his book, “The Terminal List,” is the basis for the number one show on Amazon — and for good reason, too!

The former Navy SEAL joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson last Friday to mock “progressive” publications who mock the new show because it doesn’t adhere to the cultish woke religion/ideology.

One outlet in particular, the far-left Daily Beast, was taken to task by Carr and laughed at by Carlson.

Daily Beast titled their review, ‘The Terminal List is an Unhinged Right-Wing Revenge Fantasy, which is odd because right, left, conservative, liberal are not even mentioned in the show. But, I think it may be because the protagonist [played by actor Chris Pratt] is competent with weapons and tactics, he’s strong. He holds those in power accountable, and that can be unsettling for some, particularly maybe some senior members of the military who have failed upwards over the last 20 years.

But that wasn’t all. Apparently, The Daily Beast believes that normal, American items and activities is merely “pandering to red state viewers.”

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“They go on to write,” Carr continued, “‘there is some serious danger to “The Terminal List” pandering to red state viewers with routine references to beer, guns, country music and hunting.’ The Daily Beast does not like those things. It does not sound like it is much fun over there, but the 95 percent audience rating [on Rotten Tomatoes] makes it all worth it.”

Yours truly can attest to how truly awesome the show is since I watched all eight episodes over the weekend. Carr expanded that he didn’t write the book and they didn’t make the show for the bought-and-paid-for critics.

“We didn’t make it for the critics,” Carr added. “We made it for those in the arena. We made it for the Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine that went downrange to Iraq and Afghanistan, so they can sit on the couch and say, ‘Hey, these guys put in the work. They put in the effort to make something special’ and make a show that speaks to them.”


And although I’m not personally a veteran of our Armed Forces, I can confidently say that “The Terminal List” is more than worth the time it takes to watch all eight, one-hour episodes.

Cheers to Jack Carr on a job well done in writing the book that led to this great new show!

If you haven't seen the show, check out the trailer below:


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