Flyers' Mascot Helps ‘Arrest’ and Mock Trump In Philly Parade

mrctvstaff | January 2, 2019
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It’s a lib fever dream come to life - Donald Trump dances with a shirtless Vladimir Putin, who gives Trump a ‘P’ tape before Gritty (the Philly Flyers' mascot) comes to rescue Uncle Sam from Trump’s office and has the president arrested.

This performance was part of the New Year’s Mummers Parade in Philadelphia that was caught on video. 


It had Trump carrying a large prop made to look like a VHS tape with the letter “P” on it (a reference to the alleged pee tape mentioned in the Steele dossier) and concluded with Trump being arrested by the FBI.


Getting political isn’t unusual for this parade, but this year seemed to feature a constant flow of pro-liberal messages.

Finnegan’s New Year’s Brigade (also a member of the Goodtimers Comic Club) put on a skit titled “Humpty Trumpty: Made in America” which opened with a mummer representing Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney being led like a dog by another mummer dressed as Jay Z — a reference to the city’s debates concerning the Made in America festival (which Jay-Z curates). Another skit, by Murray Comic Club group Vaudevillians, advocated for fairer funding for Philadelphia schools.

Oh, ‘fairer’ funding – glad to know it’s not just “more money” they were advocating for.

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