'Florida Is Where Woke Goes to Die': DeSantis Roars To Victory

Brittany M. Hughes | November 8, 2022
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In a speech following his historic, sweeping victory over Democrat Charlie Crist Tuesday, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis declared that the Sunshine State is "where woke goes to die," crediting his record-smashing win in historically blue counties like Miami-Dade to his record on COVID, his pushback against BLM violence, and his administration's defending of children against the left's militant LGBTQ agenda. 

"We have embraced freedom. We have maintained law and order. We have protected the rights of parents. We have respected our taxpayers, and we reject woke ideology...We will never ever surrender to the woke mob. Florida is where woke goes to die!" DeSantis declared to thunderous applause from his supporters.

DeSantis handily defeated Crist with nearly 60% of the vote as of 9:30 p.m. Republican Senator Marco Rubio was also re-elected to his third term in office with more than 57% of the vote to Val Demings' 41.3%, outperforming polls.