‘Flesh Trade’ - Cartels Making Up To $14M A Day On Biden’s Borders

Eric Scheiner | April 27, 2021

Officials claim that cartels are making millions in sex trafficking across the southern border, and Biden Administration policies are encouraging the activity.

“What is happening is they are making more money in the flesh trade right now than they are on drugs. It cost about $12,000 for someone to be allowed by the cartel to cross into the U.S. So, they are just making money hand over feet right now", Kendall County, TX DA Nicole Bishop told Fox News on Tuesday.


Bishop and Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) recently wrote an article for National Review highlighting the problem:

The Cartel del Noreste charges roughly $12,000 for transport for someone from Mexico or Central America for entry to the United States through the Texas–Mexico border. If an individual is coming from the Middle East or Asia, it can be many times that amount. In March, Kendall County law enforcement stopped a vehicle where several passengers fled, leading to a pursuit. Occupants had only partially paid the cartels and were on their way to San Antonio, where their family would pay the remaining balance — totaling $11,000.

One does not need to imagine how many women and children are being asked to pay the remaining balance, usually through the sex trade.

 More recently, a female cartel victim was in the process of being trafficked when she was encountered by law enforcement in Kendall County, Texas, which contains Boerne. She knew that she was going to have to work for a while to pay her debt to the cartel that smuggled her, but she did not know what that work would be. Had she not been picked up by law enforcement, one can only imagine the horror she would have experienced at the hands of these monsters.

Bishop and Roy argue that the Biden “administration’s reckless policies” on border security are allowing this crime to spread into the U.S. 

The massive flow of illegal migrants weakens the inability for border patrol to secure the border. And with interior enforcement overrun, cartels are proving they are in control of this crisis. They are profiting handsomely as a result. Now moving their operations further into our interior and into our communities, the cartels are profiting $10–14 million per day trafficking human beings and narcotics through our neighborhoods.

This is no longer just a border problem; it’s a problem for the whole country.

H/T National Review