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#FlashbackFriday: Obama's Humiliating Trip to Cuba


This afternoon, President Trump officially rolled back Obama's deal with the communist dictatorship of Cuba. 

President Obama and his State Department had "normalized" relations with Cuba back in 2015. This included rescinding the Cold-War-era embargo and reopening tourism to the country where political prisoners are brutalized.

The United States received almost nothing in return. 

In 2016, Obama took a humiliating trip to Cuba -- humiliating, because the president of the freest country of the world was cozying up to the Castros, the brothers behind one of the cruelest dictatorships. 

Obama was photographed in front of a mural that celebrated Che Guevara, a communist revolutionary and mass murderer. He and his family even did the "wave" with dictator Raúl Castro at a baseball game, even as terrorists attacked innocent people in Belgium

Later on, the former president gave a speech, dedicating only 51 seconds to the terror attack. He may have been slightly self-aware, though, as he let his hand go limp as Castro tried to hold his arm up in a victorious fashion. Awkward. 

This #FlashbackFriday, let's be thankful that the current administration is taking a tougher stance toward Cuba, and that this embarrassing trip is just a flashback. 

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