FLASHBACK: Sec. Clinton Blasted Cyber-Sloppiness While Sharing Gov't Secrets on Personal Server

Jeffdunetz | August 13, 2015
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At the same time State Dept. Sec. Clinton publicly disparaged the release of sensitive information by Bradley Manning, she was using her personal email server against federal government rules, putting even more sensitive data in danger of being hacked.

Out of a sample of 55,000 emails from her personal she deemed as work-related and turned over to the State Dept. from her tenure at State (2009-2012), Inspectors General discovered four containing classified information. Two of those four contained information that is not just classified, but also also requires the highest level of security labeled:

"TOP SECRET// SI// TK//NOFORN” (SI=special intelligence, TK=talent keyhole obtained via satellite, NOFORN= do not show to foreigners).

Strangely Ms. Clinton has trashed other people who played fast and loose with secret information. For example, on December 15, 2011, the day before Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning’s court-martial was set to begin, the then-secretary of state convened a press conference to rail against Manning's release of classified (but not top secret) information, saying:

"I think that in an age where so much information is flying through cyberspace, we all have to be aware of the fact that some information which is sensitive, which does affect the security of individuals and relationships, deserves to be protected and we will continue to take necessary steps to do so (see video below)."

Hillary's server had some security - but, not the levels of defense found in the government systems. And even the extremely advanced roadblocks against hacking in the government systems get hacked, as we recently learned with news of China's intrusion into the government's personnel data and Russia's hacking of President Obama's emails. And, while there is currently no reported evidence that the home server Clinton used for her government email was hacked, many analysts believe it probable she was hacked.

Sidney Blumenthal, who was specifically banned by Obama from working at State and was used by Hillary as an unpaid adviser anyway, had his email account hacked. The emails, which were revealed, included correspondence/advice he gave to Secretary of State Clinton on topics such as the Benghazi attack that led to the deaths of four American heroes including Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.  

As one can see by the video below, in 2011, Hillary Clinton publicly disparaged the release of sensitive State Dept. information by Bradley Manning - but, at the same, time she was using her personal email server against federal government rules, putting data more sensitive than what Manning released in danger of being hacked.