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FLASHBACK: Obama and Harry Reid Both Admit Their Votes Not to Raise Debt Ceiling in 2006 Was 'Political"


With President Obama and Democrats eagerly pushing for an increase in the debt ceiling- and the bashing of Republicans in full force for their opposition without spending cuts- one important thing should be highlighted; the hypocritical nature underway from Obama as well as fellow Democrats in Congress.

For one, Obama appeared on ABC News back in April and admitted that when the 2006 debt ceiling talks were underway, he voted against raising the debt ceiling for 'political' reasons as a Senator. In addition to this, Harry Reid, also in April, claimed the debt ceiling vote was "a political maneuver' because Republicans were in power and there were "more of them."

Reid claimed:

"I shouldn't have done that. I'm kinda embarrassed I did. It was a political maneuver by we Democrats. The Republicans were in power -- there were more of them," Reid said. "The president voted when he was in the Senate the same way. I heard him apologize for it. We all should take a look at how we handle these issues, but that doesn't take into consideration the numerous times, the numerous times I voted to raise the debt ceiling. The one time I tried to make a political issue of it, I wish I hadn't."

Here is President Obama admitting his vote in 2006 was political.

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