Flag On The Play! NFL Fails Hilariously With New Hispanic-Themed Logo

John Simmons | September 16, 2022
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At least it hasn't mentioned "breakfast tacos." Yet. The NFL is trying so hard to appeal to its Hispanic fanbase and failing so, so miserably.

In honor of Latino Heritage Month, which began on September 15, the NFL released a special edition logo that, to its thinking, supposedly “integrates an unmistakable Latin flavor and is fundamental to our always-on, 365 day initiative. The electric brush stroke of the ‘EÑE’ is filled with an infectious personality that is carried out through the rest of the look and feel.”

While that’s what the NFL says, the logo tells a different story about the “effort” the league put into creating it.

The design looks like someone drew a poorly trimmed eyebrow with a highlighter and said, “My work here is done.” There is no originality, uniqueness, or feature that would make someone think this design has any element of “Latin flavor.”

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But the cherry on the sundae is that the tilda over the “N” does not reflect how Hispanics pronounce the acronym for the league, which someone on Twitter quickly pointed out.

As always, the Twitterverse had many gems for responses, some of which were spicier than habanero salsa.

You’d think the NFL would learn by now that being woke isn’t an effective marketing technique. The good news is, it looks like the league's running out of ways to even somewhat attempt to do it effectively.