Fla. Woman Attacks a 7-11 Clerk With Hot Nacho Cheese, Because 'The Customer Is Always Right'

Nick Kangadis | October 18, 2017
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No, the customer isn’t always right. Sometimes the customer is a deranged moron who feels they can treat others like crap because they work in the service industry.

A woman in Melbourne, Fla. attacked a 7-Eleven store clerk with a sandwich and nacho cheese, because she wasn’t allowed to do whatever she pleased.

According to the Palm Bay Daily:

The incident occurred earlier this morning at 1:50 a.m. when Stephanie L. Hicks, 31, walked into the 7-Eleven store at 1262 Aurora Road in Melbourne to purchase a sandwich and a cup full of hot nacho cheese.

While in the store, the clerk asked Hicks not to open the hot cheese dispenser. Hicks told officers she didn’t like the employee’s attitude.

When Hicks walked up to pay for her items, the 7-Eleven clerk denied her service.

Hicks then threw the sandwich and the cup of hot cheese across the counter, which hit the clerk.

Apparantly the entitled Hicks told the clerk, before she waited outside for police to arrive, that “the customer is always right.”

The phrase “the customer is always right” only applies in cases where the customer has a legitimate request that is within the power of the employee to accommodate. It doesn’t mean that you get to do whatever you want, because you think you’re special for buying a four-dollar sandwich. And it definitely doesn't mean you get to throw hot cheese in an employee's face.

Thankfully, once police viewed the store’s security video, Hicks was arrested and charged with battery.

H/T: Fox News