Fla. Taco Bell Employee Fired After Denying Service to Woman for Speaking English

Nick Kangadis | September 18, 2018
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We live in the United States of America! How dare you assume that someone in the customer service industry speaks English?

A Florida woman was denied service at a Hialeah, Florida Taco Bell because she didn’t speak Spanish.

You read that correctly.

Alexandria Montgomery attempted to order food at a Taco Bell drive-thru but wasn’t able to go ahead with her order because the drive-thru employee allegedly doesn’t speak English. Montgomery posted the interaction to her Facebook page and also alleges that the employee was racist.

It’s questionable that the employee didn’t speak English at all, because at certain points in the video it seems as though she understood some of the things Montgomery was saying to her.

You can watch the exchange below:


As a result of the interaction and the video of the interaction going viral, the Taco Bell employee was fired from her job.

It’s all well and good to speak a language other than English, but when you are employed in the service industry — in the U.S. — you should be able to speak enough English to take an order.

As someone who has travelled to a couple of non-English speaking countries, some people speak English as a second language, but the culture doesn’t conform to you because you don’t speak their language.

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