'F**k Them Kids': Californians Give Their Takes on Post-Birth Abortion, aka Murder

Nick Kangadis | April 22, 2022
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Some people are gross, abhorrent human beings, and in this instance those people reside in California.

Right-wing” content creator Savanah Hernandez released a new edition of her (wo)man on the street series “Sav Says” on Wednesday talking to Californians in Venice Beach about post-birth abortion, aka murder.

The responses, while they might possibly have been curated to get the most egregious responses, are still insane in the sense that people actually think and said these things.

“I think f**k them kids,” one particularly disgusting woman said while laughing. “So, if like, you wanna get a late-term abortion, like that’s up to you. You know, I’ve had an abortion too, and it was my choice and I’m happy I had that choice.”

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One especially inebriated man gave his enlightened take on the practice of murdering out-of-the-womb children.

“So I prefer that most women make their decisions at eight weeks,” the man began. “But, I’m also in support of 10 months out of the womb.”

“So you think babies should be aborted 10 months AFTER they’re born?” Hernandez followed up.

“If the mother wants to, yes,” the man responded.

I’m not going to take up too much on these people’s responses. The bottom line is that these people live in the perfect state for their “lifestyles.”

Now excuse me while I go throw up.

For the full video, watch below:


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