'F**k Joe Biden!' Part Deux: Chant Becoming a College Football Trend

Nick Kangadis | September 13, 2021
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College football stadiums typically have a lot of "traditions" that they perform on a weekly basis. But for the second weekend in a row, a new tradition may be forming.

Some fans in the stands at different stadiums chanted "F**k Joe Biden" for a second straight week. No matter how many fans participate in the chants, it should be seen as a troubling sign for President Joe Biden's regime.

Here's a collection of the different college football locations that were heard sounding off with the chant (Warning: Obviously there’s a particular curse word being used, so if you’re too sensitive for that kind of thing, you’ve been warned):

Alabama University

Auburn University

Eastern Carolina University

Indiana University

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Mississippi State University

University of Tennessee

West Virginia University


And apparently, this trend is beginning to spread to other sports. I can't believe it, but in New York of all places - on the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks - New York Yankees and New York Mets fans could be heard chanting "F**k Joe Biden" in unison. So maybe Biden is a uniter, just not in the way he thought he might have been.


Who knows how far this trend goes? But for now, it's apparently not going away.