'F**k Joe Biden!' Chants Ring Out Across College Football Stadiums Over the Weekend

Nick Kangadis | September 7, 2021
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College football is back and apparently some in the massive crowds at stadiums across the country either aren’t taking Lesbian Gender Racial Studies 101 or didn’t get the memo that they need to succumb to their indoctrinators and worship the state.

Across the college football landscape, fans in multiple stadiums could be heard chanting a particular phrase — and no, it wasn’t “down with the patriarchy” or some crap like that.

“F**k Joe Biden!” fans in a number of college football stadiums could be heard chanting.

Here’s a compilation of tweets displaying the chants (Warning: Obviously there’s a particular curse word being used, so if you’re too sensitive for that kind of thing, you’ve been warned):

Coastal Carolina University

Virginia Tech University 

Auburn University 

Texas A&M University 

 Oklahoma State University

Florida State University

University of Texas at Austin 

Now, after years of having to endure chants, poorly done rap songs and signs displaying hatred for former President Donald Trump, it would only be fair if it happened to the left’s Lord and Savior, President Joe Biden.

Is it right or respectful to the office of the president to do such things? That’s debatable and, perhaps, depends on the president.

But when you’ve had failure after failure (ahem, Afghanistan, the border, inflation, etc.), at least a little pushback is understandable, though, the way in which you display that displeasure can be done differently.

To each their own. That’s part of the freedoms we’re afforded in this country.

Let’s just chalk it up to being a peaceful protest.

H/T: Daily Caller

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