Five of the Most Racist Arguments the Left Made For Abortion This Week

Brittany M. Hughes | December 2, 2021

Abortion is the most racist government-sanctioned practice since slavery, and if such a thing can even be imagined, it’s even worse. During the days of slavery, human beings were kept in bondage, forced to work for masters who owned them, abused and oppressed simply because of the color of their skin. Today, we simply murder them before they are even born, and praise it as “freedom.” 

It’s racist. And liberals are finally admitting it.

The funny thing about leftists is that they’ve gotten so radical, so unhinged that they’re finally admitting just how vile and racist they actually are. And it’s never been more apparent than this week, when a landmark abortion case hit the Supreme Court signaling the greatest challenge to Roe v. Wade in three decades. 

Here are five of the most blatantly racist arguments the left's made this week in defense of abortion:

1. Ayanna Pressley perpetuating the racist trop that black women can't succeed in life without killing their own children, while claiming the anti-abortion movement is “rooted in white supremacy."


You know what is white supremacy? Planned Parenthood being founded by a crazy white lady named Margaret Sanger, who thought black folks were an infestation to be dealt with and that if we just convince them to murder their own offspring, their population wouldn’t get too out of control.


2. This blue check on Twitter, who suggests that if abortion is banned, people of color might start to outnumber white people.

So, if we ban abortion, black and brown people will have more babies and might make up a greater percentage of the population. And that’s….bad? Because conservatives certainly don't think so.


3. Imani Gandy, Senior Editor for Law & Policy at Rewire News Group, who pointed to black slaves inducing abortions or killing their own newborns during the days of slavery as a reason why abortion should be permitted today. 

Murdering a child before they even take a breath is better than giving them a fighting chance at life. Just look at all the slaves who murdered their babies, see? 

4. The crazies over at the New York Times, who suggest that Black women in particular cannot succeed in life without abortion access.

"Studies found, for example, that access to abortion for young women with unplanned pregnancies led to higher earnings, more education and a higher chance of being a professional or manager than seen in women denied access to abortion. The effects were greatest among Black women."

Translation: if you're a woman, you can't be successful and a mom - especially if you're Black.

5. This loon who wrote a book about her “trauma” of being adopted into a nice while family suggesting it’s better that a black baby be aborted than adopted by a loving family that happens to be white.

This is the left. Founders of the KKK. Backers of slavery. Praisers of Margaret Sanger. Lovers of an industry that facilities the targeted extermination of thousands of children, including disproportionate numbers of black children, every single day. They believe a woman cannot be both successful and a mother. They believe the children of poor women should be eliminated. They believe an innocent child is an acceptable sacrifice for selfishness.

And they admit it.