First Lady Melania Trump Unveils 2019 White House Christmas Decorations

Nick Kangadis | December 2, 2019
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Now that we’re past the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s that time of year again. Yay, Christmas! I’m not really concerned with those who are offended by people celebrating Christmas. In fact, I’m offended that they're offended.

Anyway, the White House has once again been turned into a Christmas wonderland, and First Lady Melania Trump revealed the decorations to the world late Sunday evening. Trump tweeted out a video tour of the decorations on Twitter, also releasing pictures of some of the scenes hours later.

The theme of this year’s White House decorations? “The Spirit of America.” A model of the White House, decorated with Christmas wreaths can be seen, alongside models of famous U.S. landmarks.

Here’s the video of the First Lady showing off this year’s finished product:

You can check out the pictures below:

There were plenty of haters on Twitter that responded to the Trump’s posts, but we’re going to leave them out, because they’re probably just bitter that their houses will never look that good. Or, most likely, they just had another one of their Pavlovian responses to anything associated with the Trump administration.

Whatever the case, Christmas season is now in full effect, and I couldn’t be happier about it!