First Gas Stoves, Now Biden's Coming For Your Water Heater

Ken Meekins | July 26, 2023
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Biden apparently doesn’t only want to ditch your gas stove but also potentially your water heater and hot showers. 

The Department of Energy recently announced a proposal to enact stricter guidelines on water heaters in order to promote “efficiency.” It would reset the standards for water heaters to use heat pumps and gas-fired instantaneous technology. 

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm claims that Americans would save thousands of dollars on their utility bills if this proposal is enacted, claiming that “[r]eplacing common-sized traditional electric resistance storage water heaters with electric heat pump water heaters meeting the proposed levels would save consumers $1,868 on average over the life of the appliance, with savings even higher for renters and low-income households who spend a higher percentage of their income on utility bill.” 

While it's true that heat pump technology is more energy efficient than standard water heaters, heat pumps do not work in cold climates. This is because heat pumps have to draw in warmth from the air. So if you live in a cold region, expect to take a cold shower. 

Gas-fired instantaneous heaters, also known as tankless water heaters, are also problematic. These types of heaters can only heat up so much water at a time and do not work well when you have to run multiple appliances at once. So if you want to take a hot shower while also doing the dishes, the temperature of the water of the shower is likely to fluctuate. 

Not only will you be taking cold showers if these regulations are enacted, you will also be paying more money up front for these new systems. Heat pump and gas-fired water heaters cost more than double what the current standard heaters cost. 

The Biden administration’s energy department seems to want Americans to live as uncomfortably as possible as they want to take away your gas stoves and gas powered cars to fall in line with the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset agenda, in which the end goal is for you to “own nothing and be happy.”